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(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam: breaking news tonight at least two people gunned down in el cerrito. right now, police are on the scene near lincoln and stockton avenues.the gunman remains on the loose. this shooting happened at about 2 this afternoon , on a pedestrian path-way, known as the ohlone green. you're looking at video from our helicopter partnership with abc-7 news. nearby schools -- fairmount elementary and el cerrito had been locked down. but as the search for a suspect moved on -- those lockdown are now lifted. no word yet on the condition of either victim. kron4 crews are on the way to the scene -- a live report ahead. >> a developing story out of the south bay but first tonight. san jose police on the hunt for a man who tried to abduct 13-year-old girl. investigators say it
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happened friday -- while the girl was walking down a street. the victim was able to escape. kron4's rob fladoe is live at the scene of the crime with more. rob what do we know about the kidnapper? >> reporter: we know that this man meant business it was a violent struggle and we also have a sketch of that a suspect. that was released late early this afternoon this man is described as an hispanic male, 25-35, 5 ft. 10 in., with a thin build. east st. james. at 6:00 a.m., the girls were walking to school and he was jumping in between and some houses. albert morales. >> this 13 year-old female was approached by and an unknown male he was dragged into a driveway where she struggled to try to get
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away. ultimately she did. she was able to get away and the suspect ran at an opposite direction from where she was located. the suspect has not been located. the only information was from the 13 year-old. the suspect is still outstanding and we are asking the public for the assistance in locating the suspect. >> this police sketch and also albert moreales saying that he was wearing a hooded sweat shirt and blue dickie pants with white paint on his work boots. the police are asking for the public's help. reporting live from the san jose, rob fladeboe, kron 4. >> catherine: let's take a look at exactly where this happened. it was in the area of east
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saint james street. and north 33rd street. when the girl got away. she ran eastbound on east saint james street towards north king road. we will continue to follow this story and bring you more at 6 and 8 tonight. >> pam: tonight -- kron4 is tracking the storm. rain hitting the bay area -- you're looking at video from marin and piedmont. rain making driving -- other outside people bundled -- umbrellas out. i'm here in the kron4 weather center with jaqueline bennet -- she's tracking the rain. we could use this rain. as you can see from these rainfall totals it is been not really been a rainmaker. petaluma, two counts. and largely we are talking about just traces. that has fallen out there today. the stormtracker 4 showing a light, shower conditions. to the north bay, the delta and
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those of showers picking up in the east bay. towards the santa rosa, with a light rain and we have seen others with heavier weather cells. light showers and over the golden gate some light rain. a sausalito, san francisco. the bay bridge also seeing the light showers. as we take a wider view, some moisture offshore. in fact, this is coming up from the south. this is a towards the monterey coast. certainly, not to complete with the show worse yet ruled timing it out, coming out >> pam: san francisco is getting ready for the super bowl sunday. first, j. r. stone talking about how the
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49ers are doing >> reporter: some of them said that this is just another game. and i came across a couple of other people but said the this is the orleans. we are going to have jumbo andgjambalaya some of this practice video because this was the first time the 49ers talked to the practice field sense they had the victorious rwanda are against the atlanta falcons. not quite the ideal. a victorious -- victory against the if lead the falcons. however, before and during practice after we spoke with joe staley these players have intimated they have it made and have worked hard. also, the fans have its to made. >> you have a giants victory they are doing well. the
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sharks are now playing again. remote what is the first thing the comes to your mind with new orleans? >> good food. >> i've only been to the french quarter wants but i know that there is a lot of restaurants. >> there is going to be some great times and we will be ready. >> every time i go there it is just bigger than that. so with that is where i stand. >> that is where vernon had davis stance and sometimes it is about the tackling. and the 49ers will fly to new orleans on sunday. they have a busy week. meetings on tuesday and i will be
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there all week as well. covering all types of stories in the orleans reporting live in santa clara, kron 4. maureen kelly. coverage. maureen kelly has more on the city's plans for super- kron4's maureen kelly continues our team coverage with the status of the city of san francisco's plans for >> reporter: the mayor say the city's law enforcement agencies and the department of emergency management are already holding meetings about how to keep a post game super bowl victory celebrationor loss commisseration from turning ugly.after the giants won the world series last year. out of control crowds caused over a million dollars in damage.including.setting a muni bus on fire.and vandalizing businesses primarily in the mission. demo my office is primarily in the difficult zone we will do everything we can to keep our city safe. as we do the best to keep our city
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safe id should be everybody's it celebration and not destruction. >> reporter: one thing that will be different from other big game days. there will be no jumbotron set up in civic centerlike during the world cup when this video was taken. the city askedbut says they were turned down by the nfl because it would violate their re-broadcasting rules. the mayor says that so far the city and the team have not made any specific plans about a possible victory parade. perhaps because they don't want to jinx anything. maureen kelly kron4 news. >> ti49ers quarterback colin keapernick's parents are opening up. about their now superstar son. they say he never quit on his dream to play in the n- f-l- - even though he was best known for another sport in college. the full interview -- ahead. >> eighty five thousand students -- hanging in the balance. while their school, san francisco city college tries to avoid being shut- down. last year -- a commission , found violations with the
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school's leadership and finances.- so severe that they have put the school on notice to make changes or else lose accreditation. kron4's terisa estacio is on campus tonight where student activists are addressing the issue and what can be done to help all students. >> reporter: this is a very tumultuous time. at city college there is a meeting going on. the students and what they're talking about are what their options are in their future is like at the college. some students are going to be transferring out. just as a precautionary measure but some are committed to staying. and for more specific as shoes, as the accreditation the what they found was wrong with ranges from a budget, to school success. students are just spoke with that
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they hope that the college and the officials get back on track for everyone's sake. does this alarm you? the issue of accreditation? >> yes. city college's for people that cannot afford to go to university. you need to go to city college because you cannot take a rare your class at a university. you cannot take a -- regular college and university. this is better done and i city college. and if they take a psychologist but of people just wanted to take a liberal arts or so from richmond? like a dance. sylvan richmond --, and i was born and raised here in san francisco. self and ricenrichment -- class's.
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>> of like to get my preliminary class is here out of the way before a university. >> reporter: pretty alarming? >> very alarming, very unfortunate >> reporter: city officials have put together a plan in case they do not get the accreditation to continue. they are going to be discussing those options with the students that are gathered here at the student union. i am going to speak to more students and how this report will be coming up with details coming up at 6:00 p.m. reporting live, terisa estacio, kron 4. >> catherine: heated moments on capitol hill. where - secretary of state hillary clinton got grilled attack in libya. >> pam: but first, women in combat. reaction to the pentagon reversing a long-standing ban -- ahead. >> jacqueline: this live look downtown san francisco 3. revolving how long this will last. jurdreary
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>> a bomb scare in san francisco shut down, triggered a major police response. here is the scene on in the china basin neighborhood earlier today. investigators say they received a report of a suspicious device on terry this morning. the all clear was given a few hours later. >> jacqueline: it has been a dreary day. from our mount tam cam. this live look outside from the golden gate bridge. the pavement is still wet. some breaks in the rainfall as we take a look of the stormtracker 4 radar. they bit sporadic. and as we take a look at the north bay, a bit this iraq. this-area it is a bit- sporadic. we are seeing some returns over satellite & radar. perhaps some drier conditions, showing some
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break to the north. and to the south. we're not quite done with showers just yet. we will see the tail end of this going along the coast. the futurecast by 6:00 a.m., with moderate. and also over the delta of the later evening hours. and the north bay, along the coast and the delta. for the midnight hours, things are going to be winding down. we will continue until about 3:00 p.m. and for the morning commute, things could improve. we will have residual cloud coverage. as for the temperatures tomorrow upper 50s and 60s. it should be a pretty nice
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today as the sky is clear out 60s through in napa, half moon bay and the inland areas. 60s through san francisco. as for the sierras, we are going to see some snowfall of the higher elevations. the chance for rain fall on friday, and the chance for rain/snowfall mixture. rain for altering through temperatures will be in the 40's. they looked at your extended forecast with a chance of early morning showers. otherwise, dry conditions and we could see largely dry conditions on friday. spotty shower activity on/off through the weekend. also cooler temperatures >> we all know that the 49ers are going to the super bowl. we're all excited. and colin kaepernick. however,
5:18 pm
he was best known for baseball. headed to the super bowl. and a lot of focus is on 49er's rookie quarterbackbut in college , kap was best known for baseball instead of football. keeping his n-f-l dreams what is was like for him growing up. comments. >> we always have he was very competitive. >> unfortunate, they lost two children because of heart disease. >> when he was 4 years old the move from wisconsin to california and the both parents to work full-time maid time for their children. >> we've made children to where they needed to be just like all parents. we
5:19 pm
always had the ability and he wanted to go fast. and when we said baseball and my friends would say are you going to go golfing with us and i said that my son i am going to be going to going with his baseball. and i get seven hours with my son. the driving, watching him play, and also taking his friends out to eat, later. >> reporter: that played off, but major leagues but he wanted to be destined for football and he wrot of latter in the fourth great grade 31 to play for the he wrote a letter in the third craig that he wanted to play for the green bay packers for the san francisco 49ers.
5:20 pm
>> he finally got a scholarship of later in life. >> no matter what people say people are going to go after his goal. >> reporter: he did and in 2011 he was drafted to the san francisco 49ers as a second strain of quarterback or 2012, he got his chance to shine and he made an nfl history. >> the european inspired law blocklove blocks they will be removing them as they've safety measure. quite cloudy
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>> pam: coming up secretary of state hillary clinton grilled on capitol hill. more details on the libyan consulate attack. and all eyes on apple as the release of the earnings. rob black is here >> we have seen a dreary day with rainfall totals have not been that impressive. under one-half of 1 in. with how long this is going to last.
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(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> we are falling breaking
5:32 pm
news tonight. derrik have been at least two people gone down in el cerrito this is video from our helicopter shot partnership these shots. reggie, what can you tell us? >> reporter: i just spoke with investigators in del ceion between the two male suspects. this does between stockton and your rica. those involved are teenagers. between stockton and a eureka... a gunshot was resulting and suspects with none-life threatening
5:33 pm
injuries. they're described as black male. they do not believe that this shooting was gang-related. fremont elementary was on the lockdown. this was for an unrelated event they believe that this involved a theft. it was not related to this shooting. they are still searching for evidence and looking for that gun that was used. >> reggie, thank you, there have been two people gunned down in el cerrito.. and in other news. >> is it because of protest were out for one night they wanted to kill? >> some emotional events. in
5:34 pm
this long testimony secretary clinton was grilled about last september's attack of the diplomatic compound in benghazi. this was a scathing review of procedures. >> not or surprising that this was a difficult day. things got hiheated. it >> the secretary of state to new that it was going to be a long day. angry and sometimes on the verge of tears, secretary of state hillary clinton delivers an emotional account of the murder of ambassador christopher stevens and three others in in that long-awaited testimony on capitol hill.clinton was grilled on the attack last september on the diplomatic compound in benghazi. scathing review of state dept. procedures.
5:35 pm
>> it's not surprising that a pattern emerged over the 5 and a half hours the secretary of state was questioned today. democrats gushing over her. republicans - with some very tough questions. things got heated. and clinton got angry. the secretary of state knew this was going to be a long day. she and the state department - accused of not doing enough to protect embassy workers. not making sure americans heard clear, honest answers as to what happened the night 4 americans died here in benghazi. >> "with all due respect. we have four dead americans. what difference does it make." in contrast.democrats were gushing. some hinting that they hope she runs for president in 2016. we also saw clinton getting emotional. as she talked about those who died.and their families. >> i saw the casket's being near president obama and as the caskets were moved off the plane i was standing with the families. >> catherine: clinton's bottom line.
5:36 pm
she says she moved quickly to improve the security of american diplomats. saying she's determined to leave the state department safer and more secure. a subtext to the day. the way clinton handled herself in this testimony will almost surely be rehashed if in fact she 'does' run for president. as for the benghazi one has been brought to justice. >> pam: since the first days after the attack, republicans have blamed the obama administration for failing to heed warning about threats to u=s diplomats. and for being slow to realize the attack had been planned well in advance of the unrest that was then sweeping through the arab world. the attack on the consulate comes during a night of anti-american protests in both benghazi and cairo, egypt. the crowds angry over a you tube video made in the u=s mocking the prophet mohammed. in the middle of the chaos, as many as 150 heavily armed men take position outside the benghazi compound. just before ten p=m, they begin firing rocket propelled grenades. the ambassador takes refuge in an interior safe room,
5:37 pm
along with an aide and two guards, the attackers use gasoline to set the building on fire. as the smoke grows intense, it to the roof and radio for help, but not ambassadorby one a=m, the attackers are gone. libyan civilians find stevens and rush him to a hospital. (chaos) >> pam: doctors try to revive him for 90 minutes, before pronouncing him dead of smoke inhalation. in the following days, the bodies of the four americans are returned. president obama promises to bring their killers to justice. un ambassador susan rice downplays reports of a conspiracy. >> this is a response to a hateful and offensive video that was widely disseminated muslim world. >> pam: but the republican head of the house intelligence committee says the attack has the hallmarks of an al qaeda operation. this was not a demonstration gone bad. this was a clear, targeted, planned event that had both direct fire and indirect fire. it had military style
5:38 pm
movements in the effort to come after our diplomatic station. that's what was so concerning about this. and we have lots of questions and a lot of >> catherine: the house has passed a bill that would defuse the debt ceiling crisis -- at least for now. it gives the government enough borrowing authority to last for at least four months. that move would prevent a first-ever default. the senate's democratic leader and the white house say they'll go along with the extension. it also contains a provision that withholds pay for house or senate members if the chamber in which they serve fails to pass a budget plan. that's a slap at the senate -- which hasn't debated a since 2009. >> pam: developing news at this hour. notre dame linebacker manti teo has admitted he lied about his supposed girlfriend. but says he didn't lie from the very beginning. kron 4's dan kerman is here to sort it all out. >> reporter: like many scandals it comes down to
5:39 pm
what did he know and when did he know it. and then what did he do about it. it turns out that in december, the all american did find out something was amiss. and continued to stick with the lie. as you've heard, teo supposedly had a serious relationship with a woman online and over the phone. and then was told she died on september 12. teo gave several interviews about this girl. including one on december 8, during the heisman trophy presentation. problem is, on december 6th, two days prior, he learned that his supposed girlfriend was still alive, and yet continued the lie on the 8th. during an interview with katie couric to be broadcast on thursday, teo was asked why he lied and he responded she should put herself in his situation and then ask "what would you do?" >> pam: it wasnow just yesterday, the woman who's photo was used to portray this supposed girlfriend came forward and said she had no part in this hoax. >> reporter: that's right, diane o'meara says the picture was used without her knowledge. in the meantime, the man behind the hoax has not yet publically commented as to why he did this.
5:40 pm
>> pam: thank you, dan. >> the fourth quarter earnings are in for apple with short from wall street predictions. .
5:41 pm
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5:43 pm
now for today's market update. >> pam: stocks end the day higher after getting strong earnings reports from technology companies. such as google. i-b-m. and netflix. on wall street the dow rose 67-points. thanks to a big boost from i-b-m. the nasdaq gained ten. and the s-and-p-500 picked up two points. >> catherine: it was a record quarter for apple. the technology giant reporting today that fourth high. boosted by strong i-phone and i-pad sales. but the popularity of cheaper versions of its mobile devices did pinch the profits a bit. people seem eager to pay 100-dollars less to get a year-old i-phone 4-s
5:44 pm
instead of the i-phone 5. apple's stock has also lost more than a quarter of its value over the past four months. pursues confusing? >> joining us now -- kron4 financial expert rob black. >> it was disappointing and confusing. and they did not outperform the steve jobs always wanted to offer for and deliver, massively. one thing that said that their record to be a bit more honest. the new iphone 5 is a lot of technology. a bit more difficult to make. they perhaps make less money on it. and i for difficult margins, 4 s, grade, iphone
5:45 pm
5, great. the iphone 3, a lot of technology and the that a lot of technology and a lot of cost to build it. >> catherine: is there promising that there could be continued with more products. >> many people are possibly waiting for an ipad and apple tv. that you are able to " control your at cavell tv which right that many. they are in great places. they want to be able to control apple to be with their travel ipad mini with their apple i've had many. they have a very big cash revenue. some people want it back at $350, and some people want that at $700. >> catherine: that is a good point that you made that steve jobs used to do a
5:46 pm
deaunderpromise.... >> now, cook... perhaps the best strategy for him would be to make a cheaper iphone. >> catherine: people love the iphone they love the ipad. but there is a bit of a backlash against the company, itself. >> it is interesting that who wanted to purchase apple at $700 per share but now they do not want to purchase the stock at $500 per share. it has gone from $100.50 years ago and it is he doing its job. hyper growth companies, could become a growth company and that is
5:47 pm
what is happening. they used to have endless product. no, growth, and, and perhaps later, something else. >> thank you, rob. >> pam: what is on tap for apples this year. gabe slate tech report. >> the ipad mini will be the second version with rett and ed display at a faster processor and a better camera. some consumers are waiting for the retina display it is also $330! the price of the ipad for regional could be cheaper when the ipad version second could be released. the iphone the six could be released and this is what analysts pre jac with a larger
5:48 pm
set christine's for what analysts, project a different color. with more scratch resistant and fainter technology and finger print technology for increased security. also, apple tv.. this would be easy to interpret all of your apple products and itunes. more previous attempts have failed in the previous because of the complications. gabe slate tech report >> jacqueline: showers on the/office reticulated the radar. mainly light
5:49 pm
conditions showers on/off for the radar
5:50 pm
tomorrow, things are going to start to taper off. be dry wh harley cloudy conditions. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. 58 through san francisco. 60s through napa, and this 60s in san
5:51 pm
jose. a rain/snowfall mixture. some flurries possible and the rainfall will be the story because it is going to be too warm for snowfall. largely dry on the forecast future. the possibility for showers on a saturday, sunday and even on monday. temperatures cooling down this week. so far, the resorts have not posted and the new snow. we could see that change, later but sierra at tahoe. and alpine meadows, 90. i could expect a couple of inches from overnight. if you'd like more information? >> beyonce... perhaps she actually did sing it live. we will explain, next.
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that won't go away. now there's word that the singer may have sung the national anthem live is it possible that beyonce sang the star spangled banner live afterall? or may she sang some of it live at president obama's inauguration. and lip synced the rest? it's a question still not put to rest. >> beyonce gate. furor over lip-syncing the national athem. tongues are wagging again today. did she or didn't she? the marine band has backed off a statement that beyonce lip-synced the song all the way thru the national anthem. now says only that the band was pre-recorded. because musicians didn't have time to practice with her. the marine band has no idea what the diva herself did. but.according to a new report from cnn - an inaugural official who didn't wish to be named says beyonce did lip-sync the whole thing. so far, beyonce herself hasn't weighed in. >> prince harry is back in britain after four months in afghanistan. in an interview the prince got a trick personal question he didn't care for
5:56 pm
- one that questioned his royal ancestry. are you curious about your family tree? >> that is the most bizarre. my answer is no i'll continue being myself. >> some royal watchers claim harry's father isn't really prince charles. i'm vicki liviakis, kron 4 news. and a reminder -- you can catch all your entertainment news here on kron-4. the o-m-g insider starts at 7:00, followed by entertainment tonight at 7- 30. [ crickets chirping ]
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>> breaking news. this is a fire in oakland. it is a three story vacant building. no injuries. we will have more details on this developing breaking story coming up at 6:00 p.m. we
6:00 pm
will be right back..... look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet.
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(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. with a developing story. tonight at six -- a developing story. 2 people were shot in el cerrito this afternoon. prompting temporary school lockdowns in the area. this is video from our a-b-c seven news. the shooting happened near the ohlone greenway between lincoln and stockton avenues. police say they're searching for multiple suspects. kron4's reggie kumar is at the scene in el cerrito. he joins us over the phone. reggie? >> victims have been taken to a hospital. they are
6:03 pm
black male there were surveillance cameras. >> pam: we understand that there were lockdowns at area
6:04 pm
schools. it has been lifted and we will keep updated on this. and another developing story. they are hunting for a kidnapper that tried to snatch the girl east st. james street in san jose. rob fladeboeon to another developing story. police are on the man hunt for a kidnapper. who tried to snatch a 13-year-old girl in the south bay. it happened in the area of east saint james street and north 33rd street in san jose. kron4's rob fladeboe is live out in san jose with the latest. rob? >> this is the sketch released by the san jose police department. he had on blue 'dickies' brand pants with work boots and with
6:05 pm
white paint. >> she was screaming. we've been canvassing the area and trying to get information. >> what would you advise people to do? >> i'm sure that it was frightening. and she was able to escape the perpetrator. >> she was walking to school at 8:00 a.m. this very busy intersection. they believe the there was a lot of people in the area. if anybody saw something? to please come forward >> this is our helicopter
6:06 pm
partnership showing us this fire at harrison street. this is a three stores vacant building. tonight at six -- a developing story. we will continue to follow this story. and the building thankfully, is vacant with no injuries reported. we will keep you posted. gray skies and rain around the bay area today. here's a live look outside of the golden gate bridge and the bay bridge toll plaza. i'm in the weather center with kron4's jacqueline bennet. jacqueline. how much rain are we expecting? >> this is not a huge rainmaker. lingering, spotty showers. it is fairly light. just light showers are run the bay area. we did see
6:07 pm
some rainfall. as we look towards san francisco a bit of a break near sausalito and the peninsula, we to have the possibility of getting heavy rain fall back into the forecast. we are pinpointing heavier rainfall. with moderate this could be moving into the south bay. rainfall totals, have not been very impressive. napa getting one-third of 1 in. in petaluma, but otherwise, just one. hundreds are run the bay area. we will time it out on futurecast. >> pam: new at 6, if you are
6:08 pm
looking to buy a home in the east bay and have been having trouble finding somethinlowest in almost a deca kron 4's dan kerman is here to explain what that's happening and what it means going forward. >> reporter: locating homes for sale in the east bay is getting mroe and more difficult. at the peek of the housing boom in 2007, there was an average of 13,000 homes on the market at any given time. that's up from a typical average of 5-8 thousand homes for sale. where are we now? in december the number of homes for sale in the 38 cities tracked in alameda and contra costa county was just over 1000 that's realtor glen bell with better homes and gardens. he says people want to buy because mortgage rates are so low and houses are more affordable. the lack of inventory is due in part because homeowners aren't willing to sell because their houses aren't worth what they used to be >> most neighborhoods are
6:09 pm
not close to where we were at our peak. >> reporter: to put that in perspective. if your homes was worth 5-600 thousand dollars at the peek. it may have dropped to 2-300 thousand dollars. now things have improved. in fact prices may have come up 20-30 percent , but that's still a far cry from the peek. so many homeowners are waiting. but those that are putting their house on the market are seeing an added benefit. with the lack of inventory and the amount of interest in purchasing, we are seeing multiple offers, 6, 7 offers. and that is helping to drodrive the price up. >> jacqueline: >> reporter: as for what's ahead, experts say look for home sales numbers to drop over the next few months, not due to the bad economy, but the lack of inventory. dan kerman kron 4 news. >> pam: city college on the brink of closure.after an accrediting commision found
6:10 pm
numerous violations within city college's structure and finances. the school, serving about 85-thousand students. has until march to turn itself around. the commission gave city college recommendations and deadlines it must avoid being shut down. tonight -- city college students, employees and community groups are discussing efforts to join together and try and save the institution. kron4's terisa estacio is live out in san francisco where she attended the meeting.that is still going on. terisa? >> reporter: it is, pam. at city college has been in institution since 1935. people want it to remain in tact and what the future holds. behind those doors are the student union. there are people that have gathered of waste to speak about what is going on. i spoke with students on their concerns and hopes for the
6:11 pm
college. >> reporter: are you concerned about your studies? >> i am very concerned. and i consider myself a business leader and we organize around students of color. i think the vast majority is where am i going to go after mess i do no want to see my school shut down because we're black or after this-. >> i do not want to see my school shut down and we're really going after this. >> we need to be a bit more constructive and not yelling at each other law >> reporter: they are discussing perhaps a rally, or a sit in. to talk about getting their thoughts heard tomorrow, there is a meeting where the board of trustees is going to present their newest plans to save
6:12 pm
the college. many people are going to be attending that meeting. terisa estacio, kron 4. the oakland city council approved four crime- fighting measures this morning. including a an oakland connection to a pair of recent home invasion robberiesthat is what piedmont police into with the oakland police departmentin the wake of two violent home invasions on january 21st occuring within minutes on estates drive and arroyo avenue >> we are speaking with their investigators. to see if there is a connection. we know that there could be similarities, connection and it is nice. piedmont does not want to have to do with this by itself. >> pam: in addition piedmont police say they are working on a public safety plan that includes ramping up patrols throughout the city again, this fire started at
6:13 pm
an empty building in oakland. this is harrison from our helicopter partnership with abc seven. this three story vacant building and the crew is on zero the with live update, coming up the crew is on the way. [ male announcer ] subway has so many
6:14 pm
heart-healthy and delicious meals certified by the american heart association. look for the heart check on your favorite subway fresh fit meals, from the tempting turkey breast & black forest ham with spinach to the protein-rich roast beef, and more. all five grams of fat or less. try 'em with juicy, ripe tomatoes, cool cucumbers or crisp green peppers.
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start your new year right with a heart-healthy meal at your neighborhood subway today. subway. eat fresh. >> scott rates is on the
6:16 pm
scene. you can see the emergency crews. scott, what is going on? >> reporter: firefighters are still actively trying to get this fire out harrison/sex.sixth it looks like they have this fire somewhat under control. i just spoke with a firefighter. it has slowed down a little bit we are hearing about one person that was possibly injured. again, it is a very active scene. as soon as we get more updates we will keep you updated. >> pam: are there other buildings at risk? >> reporter: from what i can see, no. they are pouring
6:17 pm
water on the as and it looks like they have everything under control. you can see that i will continue to check with firefighters. >> for those that are not familiar with the area can you describe the neighborhood? >> reporter: yes. it is harrison/ 6th near the 880 overpass. can you see the overpass? there are homes in this area. and this home appears to be abandoned. it does not look like there was anybody living here. again, we are hearing about that one possible injury. pretty nasty. >> pam: is traffic blocked
6:18 pm
or partitioned? >> traffic was an absolute nightmare! on our way over here. you can see this is the on-ramp onto the 8808 is a solid. the surrounding streets are solid. and traffic is a huge problem in tyou are able to avoid it, of course avoid this area. the >> scott, this building is burning at harrison and sixth street.... are there is evacuations in that neighborhood because of that fire? scott? iare there evacuation's in place because of that fire? >> reporter: i have not heard about additional evacuation's but i will
6:19 pm
check with the police sgt. i will ask. as of right now i am not hearing of any evacuations. >> pam: a developing and breaking story this vacant building is on fire. the emergency crews are trying to get this place in control. possibly one injury and no other buildings are impacted. we will stay on the scene and bring you updates. >> it has been to rebut not much rain fall and as far as a -- it has been-not much rainfall. and as far as accumulations'? just light showers. lighter along the peninsula but we can see light showers along santa rosa, petaluma, sonoma,
6:20 pm
light rain. a bit of a lull over the bay bridge. again, this is where it is picking up in intensity. more moderate rainfall and the darker shades of green on your screen with heavier rainfall. as we take a look at the satellite & righter, able to avail. we can see some heavier rain with satellite -- and r & radar. for the next couple of hours. and this larger view showing more more sure offshore. moisture-offshore with the futurecast by 7:00 p.m. with a widespread moderate/recall. this will continue by 9:00 p.m. with moderate/rainfall. that is when it will relieve the lifting of to the east bay and overnight, drier conditions. tomorrow, things
6:21 pm
will be dry and cloudy. we could see fog for the morning commute we could see breaks of sunshine with temperatures in the 50s and 60s tomorrow. 60s in half moon bay. redwood city. and san jose. we will mainly see rain because it is not a very cold system. areas of snowfall. towards lake tahoe, that will continue in the rainfall will continue overnight. the rain and snow by 5:00 p.m., more rain fall. a bit of a mixture. as to go for the evening and the snowfall at 7,000 ft.. mini rainfall because these temperatures are not going to really hold up that much with mini-rainfall. the chance of spotty showers mainly dry. and on friday
6:22 pm
towards saturday, sunday, the chance of showers will increase. not very organized it will be spotty, at best. >> pam: our breaking story is this fire burning in oakland. harrison/ sixth.. this is a live picture from or helicopter partnership. with abc seven. we have crews on the scene and we will bring you updates as they become available.
6:23 pm
6:24 pm
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>> this is our breaking news this fire is burning at harrison street. this is a or helicopter partnership. we have a news crew on the scene. this is a three story vacant building burning. they have been trying to keep this fire from spreading. it is a residential neighborhood and will bring you an update,
6:26 pm
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>> pam: live pictures of these scenes from oakland. scott rates is there and will press a live update on this developing story. you can see this fire is a very active seen in a residential area. scott rates will bring us an update at 6: hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
6:30 pm
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6:32 pm
(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. with breaking news. >> pam: at 6:30 this breaking news this fire has been burning since after 5:00 p.m. over one hour at harrison and sixth street this is a residential area. scott? scott rates is live on the scene.
6:33 pm
>> reporter: firefighters are still battling this fire you can see they are putting water on it. i just spoke with a fire fighter what you've not be able to tell but this fire is still really hot on the inside. they are trying to get control of this fire and let me show you right next to her door. this they are making sure that this does not want to spread but they're not taking any chances. we are hearing that there are possibly one person has been hurt because of this. it is still a major scene with a lot of traffic. all the way down this road, harrison and this intersection at sixth street. this is a major concern. still a major scene
6:34 pm
and the fire is still burning inside of this home. >> pam: scott, we can see your live picture and our abc seven picture. what can you tell us about the people that live in this neighborhood are they on the street? what is going on with them? >> and have not seen that many people around. i have been asking about evacuation's. and he said that there is not and the evacuations in order. this home appears to be vacant. as for the neighborhood, the >> we're having some problems with the audio. scott, can you hear us? we are having some problem with his microphone. there is so much activity and emergency
6:35 pm
signals being transmitted at harrison and sex. you can see from our pictures that it is a very intense and active street scene. however, there is one possible injury. traffic is very tied up they are being asked to avoid this area. this is a three story, a vacant building. nonetheless, there are also homes in this area. they are concerned about keeping that pleas from spreading to other homes. again, you are looking at this traffic near harrison/seixth you can see the emergency vehicles. as they try to knock down this fighter. it began at 5:11 here we are, nearly 6:30
6:36 pm
5:00 p.m. they are still trying to get this under control. we will continue to keep you updated. >> jacqueline: the big weather story tonight is the rainfall is ongoing at this hour. the widespread light showers. however, the satellite and radar you can see that more is coming up from the south. heavy rainfall associated. that could be near the north bay but there is some moisture associated with this system. this abrupt ending could be moving through with drier conditions tomorrow. as we look at futurecast, the rainfall will continue they
6:37 pm
6:38 pm
are asking for the public's help in locating this suspect. in san jose, rob fladeboe, kron 4 news. >> with the increase to threat of home invasions, the police department will be making major efforts. fifth haazig madyun kron 4 >> reporter: security campuses with the new locks going on every single classroom doors. coming up i will explain how these locks will work and how much they will cost. in lafayette, justin waldman, kron 4. >> this confrontation led to a shooting of two groups of teenagers. near this walkway, two teenagers
6:39 pm
pulled out a hand guns and shot two other teenagers. they are expected to survive the suspect took off. they do not believe that this is gang-related. office in el cerrito crop for. >> this ferry and tents firehouse this started at 5:00 p.m. here we are, nearly 90 minutes and it is still giving the firefighters a very difficult time to extinguish this. it is a three story vacant building. fire officials are very concerned about protecting those buildings and the people that live in them. we will continue to follow this throughout our newscast and we will be back.
6:40 pm
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>> pam: this is our breaking news. with an intense fire in oakland at harrison and 621 harrison this vacant building is a three story building but it is near of their homes. fire officials are making sure that this does not spread. it began a round 5:00 p.m. and at nearly 6:45 you can still see that it is very smoky. there is one possible injury reported, no evacuation's we have a news crew on the scene. people are asked to stay away from this scene. this is happening during the evening commute will have a complete update for you coming up at 8:00 p.m. meantime, we are going to take a look at the 49ers that are back on the
6:44 pm
practice field preparing for the practice field. what about alex smith? he will talk about colin kaepernick and his own feelings on being the odd man out. gary radnich coming up, next.
6:45 pm
6:46 pm
6:47 pm
>> good evening. what about alex smith? wait until you hear about alex's met talking today. i have not heard alex really talking about what it is about the situation. >> i think what has impressed me the most is the lack of mistakes. most people come in and show
6:48 pm
flashes and ricky moments. but he has not done it. these are all my teammates. we have gone through some much together and these guys have gone for a big chunk of time these guys have -- been here for a big chunk of time. >> anybody can be a good guy and when they are not had to stand up and handle yourself like that, good! 49ers will be leaving on a sunday for new orleans. and that the defensive coordinator, this man was an assistant coach for the ravens. 26-2010. he coach ray lewis and the linebackers and was around when joe flower
6:49 pm
>> i've always liked joe flaco i was there when he was drafted. and is first two seasons and i remember the first minicamp i said to harbaugh, you have a great guy. and from that guy i still feel that way he has a great arm. the game is not too big for him he is confident, calm and able to make all of those throws. >> frank gore has been fined $10,500 for wearing his socks to low. >> i cannot believe that he was fined for that but i did hear that. >> there is, it is funny because kron has a thing that if you did not wear a necktie. it is $1,000 per week. so i to is to write
6:50 pm
them a check for $52,000 at the beginning of every year. >> pam: just write the check. and maybe you could wear a necktie and give that money to us or charity? [laughter] >> gary: the reason is as soon as kron went independent i said it just to celebrate the independent spirit i will not wear a necktie. we are still a celebrity because we cannot be tied down to a network. we are independent thinkers. >> jacqueline: may and a bow tie? >> perhaps, that is just three months before they fire you and now, some reflection to fund (music) >> the forty-niners went over the chargers on super bowl 29. that was their fifth world championship in 13 seasons. in 1995, the
6:51 pm
forty-niners were a true legacy. steve young, his first title would be also the last. 18 years before san francisco would get back to the promised land. following that 1995 world championship, the 49ers would make this post season six times over the next eight years. only to be sent home shy of the super bowl. however, some of those are becoming near the hands of breast favre from the green bay packers from-brett favre this 1999 card wild-card created some excitement. 20- 18, losing to atlanta. in 20 03, the 49ers came back with a 20 point deficit to take the lead. and they had
6:52 pm
to paint on to pass the giants in dramatic fashion. in the divisional round, san francisco lost to the championships, the group in tampa bay. the coach should be fired later, and there would not cede the playoffs until 46-82. led by dennis erickson, and singletary and nolan. however, this all changed with harbaugh. in his first season they got back into the playoffs with a thrilling first round victory over the saints. and super bowl, 46. harbaugh has done it again pushing all the right buttons. some of these decisions did not sit it well with all the players. harbaugh going with colin kaepernick proved to be the right one. now, the
6:53 pm
49ers are one victory away from maintaining their glory of another trip down market street chasing applebaum, a our great producer worked until about 11:35 we were speaking about and my contribution was that i will see you tomorrow. jason did all the work! tremendous. while you were in your car they were back working to provide that package. i could not even know if i said to see you tomorrow. the raiders did some business, tony is going to new offensive line coach and i like it wanted to have the assistant head coach. however, tony in recent years was fired by the jets, fired by the dolphins. and the raiders will give them another shot. callahan,
6:54 pm
villafied. sang at the sabotages the super bowl. he came out and saying that these comments were from a tory and shocked, satin, and outraged by a bronze allegations. and categorically and of a " completand perhaps that sounds e a lawyer provided that statement. >> do you remember russell? the biggest bust in history he wants to come back towaof course he wants to come back he is broke. he had gone through $30 million with agents, lawyers. and just could not play. he was overweight, he is now 300 had guns. he wants to come back and he has now-310 lbs. -- when we come back,
6:55 pm
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>> last night serena willai ms someone asked her about retiring. >> you ever think about retiring? >> are you kidding me. >> de do you mean re tiring.. for before the match. >> see you at ibm 8:00 p.m. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
6:59 pm
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